Our foals will be manipulated as soon as possible in ethological way so as to respect the most their deep horse nature,

giving them by the same time all possibilities to get adapted to our human world.

They live in our forest dales with their mums and our gelded Paint Horse boy Hidalgo Awesome to give them a group well coded life.




CHETAN DE L'AMARYLLIS is a French mare born from a mix between Polish and Egyptian origins.


She is a daughter from LOVER DEGARGASSAN (Ali Mabrouk x Gaine de Gargassan) and TROIKA DU CHATEAU (Poscig x Dajalia Descordes).


Chetan is nice, really weel-balanced, loves going outside for miles and miles, easy going, a perfect saddle or endurance horse.


She is expecting a foal for spring 2021 from SHAH D'JAHAN, son of  WH Kaneko MS (by Marwan Al Shaqab) and Aasa Vida (by Abakan)


TF KILIFA is  born in Italy and is a daughter of the great world champion MAJICIAAN (Marwan Al Shaqab x Majaarani) with TF ASMA ( Royal Colors x Leeonara CS). She is a mix between US and polish bloodlines.


Kilifa is nice,  with great movement, very good body construction and has a beautiful color.


She is expecting a foal for spring 2021 from HABIBATE PATAKIN, son of the amazing PSYTADEL (by Padrons Psyche) and the beautiful PURSLAINE (by Justify)