Swiss White Sheperd

Malphas on the run
Malphas on the run

The Swiss White Shepherd is an intelligent, gentle dog, with a great sensitive and delicate soul (which does not mean that he must be afraid and without courage).
For me, a Swiss White Shepherd must be balanced, calm and balanced, with a very wolfish plastic, a fluid and aerial approach, power and lightness in the same body, the grace of God made wolf.
I like White Swiss with a certain character even if I don't specifically use working dogs.
The White Swiss is currently in my eyes the most beautiful dog, when I see Malphas evolved, my heart goes wowow, my jaw unhooked and a small voice in my head says to me: firecracker! but what a beautiful dog!
So I hope to produce puppies that will bring the same emotions to you every time you watch them evolve and that, in addition, they will delight you with their intelligence and kindness.

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