Our Mothers and Hopes

Ivy der WeiBe Stern

Father : IPO3 Joyner Boss vom Sutumer Grund

Mother : CH IPO1 Great Snow Angel der WeiBe Stern

DNA - DoB : 10/07/2013

Cotation 3


HD-A, ED-0, MDR1 et DM genetically free


A gentle, willful bitch who has two passions in life: the stick and swimming. She likes to please and would follow us to the end of the world, even more so if we went there in the water.
Ivy has an excellent obedience very "IPO style" and a perfect bite, even if she could never pass her TAT for external reasons. Ivy gives very nice constructions. Soon to retire.

Mintaka de Kertanhyys

Father : MCH CHtrP Juan Aiko P'tits Loups d'Amour

Mother : Ivy der WeiBe Stern


DNA - DoB : 06/11/2016

Cotation 3 (in process)

HD-A, ED-0, MDR1 et DM genetically free


2nd excellent French Championship 2018
Mintaka is a beautiful bitch who makes her mistress happy every day. Mintaka track very very very well with application and ensures a certain character.
Mintaka will make a single litter.