Health & Behaviour

The White Swiss Shepherd is a fascinating dog. You can't go unnoticed when you walk with him to the market, on the street and even better in the countryside. An athlete's body, a wolf's plastic, a gentle look and a strong temperament, an immaculate white, no doubt, the Swiss white, from the top of its 30-40kg for 60-65cm high attracts the eye and makes us want It awakens our wild instincts, those who love freedom, large spaces and nature. It awakens our sense of aesthetics, a dog to be looked at, loved and admired.

Ivy in love with water
Ivy in love with water

Health Side

The breed club asks us to officially monitor elbow and hip dysplasia by radio with official reading.

In addition, there are diseases that are monitored by genetic testing
- MDR1: a genetic mutation that causes interactions with certain chemical molecules that can cause death
- degenerative myelopathy or DM which leads to degeneration of the myelopathic sheath gradually leading to rear axle paralysis.

All our dogs are radiographed with hips and elbows and genetically free of MDR1 and DM. Feel free to ask us for a copy of their test results.

The white Swiss shepherd can also develop two main concerns:

1) a certain digestive sensitivity: despite all our precautions and yours, your puppy's digestive system may remain sensitive, resulting in more or less important diarheas; you can then simply switch to a sensitive lamb-rice or salmon-rice or chicken-rice diet.

2) a certain dermatological sensitivity: the Swiss white being an emotional sponge, it can stygmatize its stress by worries of scratches, exzema, hair loss... it goes hand in hand with digestive sensitivity on the way. For this, use gentle shampoos, a diet that respects his sensitivity and pay attention to the family atmosphere. Your white shepherd loves you with all his heart, he is quickly saddened if something is not going to happen, he should pay attention to himself and protect him from our human moods as much as possible.

Character side, profile of the ideal master

The white Swiss shepherd is a false calm.

Powerful without heaviness, the Swiss white has a generous and sensitive soul, a wolf's soul that watches over the members of its family from a distance in all delicacy.
Gentle with children, attentive to his masters, he will also be the reliable guardian of his territory.

The Blanc Suisse or BBS can do agility as well as tracking, RCI or ring.

For this reason, the ideal master will be a single person or a family who likes to go out without excess, who likes to move without going 100km every Sunday, who wants to have fun in complete serenity with his four-legged companion. You can learn about dog sports such as Sunday sofa-series TV.
A BBS can also be a first dog as the dog of an initiated person.

On the other hand, it is a dog of a significant volume. If you have a clio, take into account the need to have a slightly larger vehicle for travel. And he eats accordingly, especially during his growth.

Association Française du Berger Blanc

Click on the logo to access their website
Click on the logo to access their website