Breeding Expert

Puppies from Jinx and Maiko
Puppies from Jinx and Maiko

Garanty our knowledges

All people working at the kennel has passed succesfully the breeding certificate delivered by the "Societe Centrale Canine".


We regularly participate to conference in the veterinary schoolf of Toulouse organised by the NeoCare center.


I have myself studied sciences and I am passionnated by genetics.

Produce at best

To produce the best we can, we use different selection methods following our breed :


Selection on the pedigree


Health genetical tests


DNA identification


Hips / Elbows radios


Character tests


Dog sport initiations


Champions and elite breeding blood lines

Kennel Club

The kennel is member from all our breeds the kennel clubs. We follow their selection programs and we participate to their special shows, and breeding specialties.



Club Français du Chien

de Berger Belge



Shetland Club de France

label "élevage confiance"



Association Française

du Berger Blanc Suisse