Our retired


Shetland sable

DoB 05/14/2007


Father : Avel Roz du Domaine de l'Odet

Mother : Uwezy du Domaine de l'Odet


Cerise was our first bitch, our base litter. Cerise is a small 34cm chip for 4.5kg but which gave us our blonde lineage. Tonicity, sportsmanship, kangaroo jumps, herd instinct, a super dog that I had late and whose qualities I didn't, in my humble opinion, measure at the time.

Cerise has been retired since she was 6 years old at my best friend's house in the Alps with her boyfriend Fonzy Blues from Goazilec.


Cerise made 2 litters at my house:
- one with Blue Witch VIP to give us Hera
- one with Fine N'Dandy de la Vallée des Noyeres

Fairy Black de l'Ile de la Motte

Shetland tricolor

DoB : 04/25/2010

AOC genetically free


Father : Un Théo Noir du Cèdre Enchanté

Mother : Chipie II de Goazilec


Fairy is a discreet dog, calm indoors but of a tonicity to all tests outdoors. It turned out to be a herd instinct with our horses when we arrived in Ariège.
Today she is retired with a nice family in Nantes.


Fairy has had 4 litters :

- with Blue Witch VIP

- with Fine N'Dandy de la Vallée des Noyères

- with Herds Highly Regarded

- with CH Art Felicity Hennessy to give us Myyrhyyn and Maïko Black

Héra Chrys de Kertanhyys

Shetland sable, owner Victoire Colombel

DNA - DoB 02/18/2012

AOC Carrier

MDR1 genetically free

APR genetically free

Cotation 2


Father : Blue Witch VIP

Mother : Cerise


Hera is both softness and vivacity at the same time. His only goal in life is to find a way to please us. Now, she is retired with her little human Victoire with who she has been living since her birth.


Héra has had 3 litters :

- with CH Louanda Out To Impress to give us Jinx

- one Like You Mean It des Collines de Sagne

- one with Maiko Black de Kertanhyys