Path of a puppy at stud

Norway and Namaste de Kertanhyys, sons of Jinx de Kertanhyys with CH Blue Witch I Love Oslo
Norway and Namaste de Kertanhyys, sons of Jinx de Kertanhyys with CH Blue Witch I Love Oslo

Step 1: from birth to 21 days, neonatal care

Here, puppies are born in a maternity hospital specially dedicated to them but which is neither isolated from everything nor at the heart of the daily life of the house.

The maternity ward is a room adjacent to our own bedroom which has a bathroom and an outside access to a small private garden for puppies and their mother.

The situation of motherhood was essential in our minds because our mothers are above all our bitches and they can't stand being cut in half between their puppies and their love for us. We therefore needed a room away from human traffic (hygiene issue), close to us for the permanent surveillance required by a newly born litter, and not too far from home for awakening to the first sounds.

This room is perfect, in the middle of everything but just on the edge, close to us but isolated, with bathroom and outside access.

The puppies stay there until they are about 3 weeks old and from then on, following their awakening, they will slowly pass into their second environment...

Step 2: from 3 to 6 weeks, weaning

The second environment is the dining room... And yes, there's nothing like a dining room with a large window and a balcony opening onto the outside to allow the puppy to make the transition from their newborn life to their future life as a big baby.

The dining room is close to the kitchen, which is more convenient for preparing the weaning dishes. Mom then comes back to it at the heart of our daily life (wow, it's about time!) and babies can gently learn the sounds of our daily life: the sounds of dishes, vacuum cleaner, broom, our comings and goings, meetings with adults...

When the weather permits, we open the large French window so that the puppies can start going out on the balcony and watch the grown-ups galloping all day, see the cars passing by, the horses, the cats...

Puppies are also entitled to music during the day; this year, they had the best of de Abba... Mamma Mia!

When the weaning is done and we feel they are ready to join a more active outdoor life, the puppies move one last time for the last step.....

Step 3: from 6 weeks to the big start, learn to be a dog

And here are our little biboux that have grown up: they gallop everywhere, eat Daddy Philippe's good food on their own, and they want to explore and discover!

They then pass through the old stable which is an extension of the house, where we have set up a park on chip litter for puppies.

At night, they sleep at first with their mother in the park and little by little, Mom will get back to her habits with the pack or with us.

During the day, the puppies will be able to evolve freely with the other dogs of the breeding which will teach them... to be a dog, a Kertanhyys.

Puppies will learn courage by watching their elders keep the property.

They will learn to respect cats, to be careful with cars and horses (always under our watchful eye)

They will develop their small bodies at their own pace by trying to follow the older ones in their cavalcades or to climb the slopes of our hills. They will refine their proprioception on various terrains: grass, stones, leaves on the ground, on tree trunks, in branches on the ground, through ferns.

When the time for the big start comes, the little Kertanhyys will have learned to move forward, to have confidence in themselves and their physical abilities, to explore their environment, to live with dogs of different colours, different sizes, to respect adults, to play with everyone, to communicate with humans, to read our body language, and to more or less do their needs outside.