Health & Behaviour

What about our friendly little shepherd? From our beautiful shetland? That it's just perfect? Noooon, I think I found his only flaw: it acts like a virus that multiplies very quickly once it enters the house... When you have one, you want a second one fast !

Hera and Victoire, complicity over the words
Hera and Victoire, complicity over the words

Health Side

The kennel club recommends that we follow the Colley Eye Anomaly by genetic testing (AOC in French, CEA in English).

We then find dogs
- genetically free (+/+) with two healthy genes
- free carriers or healthy carriers (+/-) with a healthy gene and an affected gene, AOC being a recessive disease, these dogs will never develop the disease
- reaches (-/-) with 4 stages of attacks: 1 and 2 non-disabling not progressive, 3 and 4 disabling and progressive.

We have at our disposal other tests for diseases that the shetland may encounter:
1) Progressive Retina Atrophy (APR in French or PRA in English)
2) MDR1, a genetic mutation that causes interactions with certain chemical molecules that can cause death
3) DERMATOMYOSIS: hair loss with other symptoms requiring treatment
4) JRD: juvenile renal dysplasia, still under study
5) hips dysplasia by radio and official reading but shetland seems to be a possible problem.

All my dogs are tested for AOC, APR and MDR1.
For MDR1, we provide you with a list of recommended products to avoid, regardless of your puppy's genetic status, for information purposes.

Character side, profile of the ideal master

Average size of 37cm, weight less than 10kg, the sheltie (for intimates) adapts to its environment with the greatest ease. Therefore, it is suitable for all families: single, more or less large families, more or less active retirees, there is necessarily a shetland that is right for you.

His friendly, always cheerful character is the best anti-depression and on top of that, he is simply beautiful.

We find the shetland as a sofa dog but also in agility, obedience and rhythmic obedience where it excels, in tracking, utilitarian research and decomposition where its small size is very appreciated and as a visitor dog for the elderly, disabled...

Click on the logo to access their website
Click on the logo to access their website

Shetland Club de France

To learn more about the standard and life of the breed in France