Natural Welfare

Walk on our land
Walk on our land

Elevage éthologique

We do our best to preserv the welfare of our dog :

- they live in a natural and familial environment close to the natural park of Ariege, in the French Pyrenea, on our 20ha of woody green dales

- our reproducers are before all our own dogs, our family dogs, educated to live and sleep with us

- we respect their psychological and emotional needs (life in group ...)

- we breed the puppies by respecting their deep need of space, health, group life and obediance to the alpha member (us)

Natural Heal

We are convinced that we need to come back to the basis of what Nature gives us so we search as far as possible to use natural remedis each time it is possible :

- Aromatherapy : use of essential oils to protect our dogs against tick and fleas for example

- Phytotherapy : use of plants to cure some wounds, natural worm treatments ...

- Bach Flower : use of Bach flowers to help psycho-emotional problems by dogs


Husse trademark is working a lot with plants and essential oils, that is why we choose them as partner. Thanks to them we have access to a panel of tested and approved products helping us in curing our dogs with natural remedies.

Food councellor

Working with the swedisch company Husse, we follow weekly formations to know how to answer to your questions about feeding and healing your pet.


All our dogs are feed with a GMO free and gluten free dry food always adapted to their needs, rich in animal protein (between 65 and 92%)