Birth of a kennel, birth of a passion

Since the age of 4,

I had been willing to go to vet school to become horse breeder. I made scientific studies but in 1989, life decided to put me in an other way : high management studies.


But deep nature came back.

In 1995 arrived my first dog : Lena de la Lande aux Grands Pins, a beauceron with high working abilities.

Léna de la Lande aux Grands Pins - 1995
Léna de la Lande aux Grands Pins - 1995

Groenendael : my own neverending story of love

Savane de Kertanhyys, my first groenendael litter
Savane de Kertanhyys, my first groenendael litter

In 1979, I was 8, and thanks to the fate, during holidays, I met a big black long-haired dog who became my holiday best friend. I never forgot him.


In 1997 arrived at home Nuts du Domaine de Turnago Villares, my first own groenendael. Thanks a lot to past Guy ditche for her and all his precious advises.


In 2000, my second groenendael Xante du Pré du Vieux Pont came home and changed everything. I met Karin and Luc Grobben thant made me discover the clickertraining method with Geert de Bolster, one Karen Pryor's student. I understood that it was THIS way I wanted to be with my dogs and I am still working in positiv attitude with them, even if I developped my own style.


In 2015, finally, life put close to my heart my sweet Loola de Condivicnum that helped me coming back into groenendael world. Thanks a lot to M and Mrs Pichon for their trust. Without her, I wouldn't be here today.

Then arrived the shetland !

Fonzy and Fairy
Fonzy and Fairy

Life isn't a quiet river. My kennel name is born in 1997. My first litter arrived in 2001. But I divorced in 2006. Too small apprtment, my dogs couldn't stay with me. I had to pause, with good benefits.


No more groenendael but an other love entered my life : shetland sheepdogs ! and how amazing meeting !


A stuning dog, small size but big big  heart ! And I discovered the sentence : we need more shetlands !!!!


Fonzy Blues de Goazilec arrived at home in 2010 followed by Fairy Black de l'Ile de la Motte and Cerise. Passion was born for this extraordinary breed full of intelligence, love and kindness.


Now, we belong to the kennels that have signed the trust label of the kennel club.

And what about the swiss white sheperd ?

Ivy der WeiBe Stern
Ivy der WeiBe Stern

In 1998, I had met my first swiss white sheperd at my dog club but I wasn't so happy for his character that seemed to me too sweet (I had a working beauceron at this time, not the same at all) But I begin to follow this breed because it pleased me a lot.


In 2013, I went out of my vet office with some sheltie puppies when I met a breeder waiting with his swiss puppies. They were amazing ! I fallt in love, I was ready for one.


Then Ivy der WeiBe Stern arrived at home and was the ambassador of this delicate, sensible, intelligent, beautiful wolf-made breed.


Now we are referenced kennel to the kennel club.