Our Stallions and Hopes

Maiko Black de Kertanhyys

Tricolore Shetland

DNA - DoB : 09/24/2016

CEA   (+/+) genetically free

MDR1 (+/-) carrier

PRA    (+/+) genetically free

DMS : aabbCc

TAN of the kennel club

Available for stud


Father : CH Art Felicity Hennessy

Mother : Fairy Black de l'Ile de la Motte


Maiko has a passion in life: after his family, the freesbee! Maiko lives with our friend Hélène who is very happy with this little man, always happy and ready to follow her in all circumstances.

Onyx de Kertanhyys

Shetland sable

DNA - DoB 09/24/2016 - 38,5cm

AOC   (+/-) carrier

MDR1 (+/+) genetically free

APR    (+/+) genetically free

DM (+/+) egenetically free

VW III (+/+) genetically free

Dermatomyosite to come

Stud conditions : 350€


Father :Maiko Black de Kertanhyys

Mother: Héra Chrys de Kertanhyys


Onyx is a beautiful son of our sweet Hera and our stallion Maiko, clon of his mother, our new hope. His owner Corinne is opened to receive you for stud.



Firouz von der alten Birke

Shetland tricolore bi-carrier (at/a)

DNA - born  05/17/2020


CEA   (+/+) genetically free

MDR1 (+/+) genetically free

PRA    (+/+) genetically free

DM (+/+) genetically free

VW III (+/+) genetically free

Dermatomyosite DMS : aabbCC


Father : Oscott vom Birkenwappen (pedigre in picture)

Mother : Athene von der alten Birke genetically free


Firouz is a voluntary nugget, close to man, dynamic, learning very quickly, cuddly as possible, well in his sneakers, genetically free of everything and carrier of bicolor.

He has origins that change, British German with however a French grandfather.