Our Stallions and Hopes

Maiko Black de Kertanhyys

Tricolore Shetland

DNA - DoB : 09/24/2016

CEA   (+/+) genetically free

MDR1 (+/-) carrier

PRA    (+/+) genetically free

TAN of the kennel club

Available for stud


Father : CH Art Felicity Hennessy

Mother : Fairy Black de l'Ile de la Motte


Maiko has a passion in life: after his family, the freesbee! Maiko lives with our friend Hélène who is very happy with this little man, always happy and ready to follow her in all circumstances.

Ostin Powers de Kertanhyys

Sable Shetland

        - DoB : 07/20/2018

CEA   ( )

MDR1 (+/-) carrier

PRA    (+/+) genetically free by parentage

Non available for stud for the moment


Father : Maiko Black de Kertanhyys

Mother : Jinx de Kertanhyys


Ostin is our first little bit, he is kind, pleasant, sweet, gentle, willful and quiet like his mother. Our great hope 2018!