Specific Sales Conditions

The different possibilities of acquiring a dog from our breeding farm

Being a breeder is a complex job. We have to choose and select our lines, then our breeders, sometimes breeding for nothing because the dog does not grow as we hoped, subject our dogs to a whole battery of tests, then seek the best alliance, follow the gestation, ensure the birth, and find the best families for our babies, then follow you, advise you and accompany you during and after growth. All this with a small living being in which we do not control all the genetics.

This is why we offer different special conditions of sale:

1- Pet puppy (basic)
2- Reproducer (on request)
3- Pension-education for your puppy (on request)
4- Large puppy or young adult (sometimes)
5- Retired livestock breeders (more rare but possible)

Do not hesitate to ask us about all these variants, the important thing is your satisfaction and a good mutual understanding.

All our puppies are leaving:

- Identified by chip
- Primary CHPPiL vaccines with additional vaccination against Parvovirus at 6 weeks
- Dewormed 3 to 4 times according to the recommended veterinary protocol
- Protected against ticks and fleas
- Registered in the French Book of Origin (LOF)
- Good Health Veterinary Certificate
- Invoice and copy of parents' health tests
- Livestock and education advice booklet
- MDR1 advice sheet (for the breeds concerned)
- LIFE follow-up and advice
- 2 kg of their weaning food or 10 to 15% discount on Husse product kits
- Crazy Tugs Toys

Quand on aime, on ne compte pas
Quand on aime, on ne compte pas

For a Pet Puppy

All our puppies are basic and sold for company, meaning that we prepare them for their future role in your family on health (choice of breeders, worming, vaccination, identification), character balance and confrontation with a rich and varied environment while choosing our alliances as if they were for us.

All our puppies leave with a full FCI birth certificate proving that they are "purebred" . To do so, as soon as I make the reservation, I give you the SCC scope number that proves their declaration to the LOF.

However, they are intended for companionship and the law is very clear regarding rhedibitory defects and the guarantees we are responsible for: guarantees against certain diseases (square, hepatitis, parvovirus) in the month following purchase, dysplasia and testicular ectopy if the puppy is purchased after the age of 6 months.

I do my best to ensure that none of this happens, but you buy a pet puppy at 8 weeks old that is a little being in the making and like a newborn child, it is difficult for us to accurately predict how it will grow. It is then up to you to do everything possible to ensure that it grows as well as possible and to keep us informed of its evolution so that we can guide you.

At the age of 1 year, he can undergo the confirmation examination which is only necessary for LOF reproduction. If despite all our combined efforts, your puppy could not be confirmed, we would be very sorry. However, this would not prevent his destination as a companion dog.

The price of a companion puppy is by nature lower than for a breeder because it does not have a guarantee of confirmation, its destination being not reproduction.

Each breed has different production costs, so puppies have different purchase prices:

Price of a Belgian Shepherd LOF of company:    950 eur
Price of a company shetland LOF: 1.300 eur (sable and tricolor) / 1.500 eur (blue)

For a Breeder

If you come to us for a Breeder or if you want a confirmation guarantee, do not hesitate to let us know right from the start. Even if you only want to do one litter, we would prefer to be able to satisfy you even in this role.

A breeder leaves the farm at the minimum age of 3 months in order to be able to check the growth (see 6 months for shetland), the descent of the testicles (for males) and the general appearance if there is a desire for exposure (without any guarantee of results).

A breeder is sold at a higher price because of course he will have an economic role and a confirmation guarantee applies.

Contact us for more information on the breeding price.

In the event of non-confirmation upon presentation of a veterinary document or a copy of the non-confirmation notice, we will refund the difference between the reproduction price and the company price + 150€.

We take into account for this guarantee (applicable after 1 year of the animal): the points of non-confirmation of the standard, but also epilepsy (for Belgians) and dysplasia: stage C and higher (for Belgians) on official reading.

For an older puppy or young adult

You want to welcome a new companion into your home but you don't feel like taking on his first education? No problem, we can keep the puppies a little longer in our house to manage the acquisition of cleanliness, walking on a leash, the first mistakes.....

In this case, the puppy can leave at different ages depending on your objective.

We then ask you for 100€ for his 3rd and 4th month (this includes the veterinary visit with additional vaccination reminder) then 60€/month where he stays at home after his 3 months as a boarding house. The puppy then lives with us as with you and we take care of his education according to your expectations in accordance with the puppy's age.

This pension includes his high-end age-appropriate food, monthly worming and the work we do with him.

It can also happen that we keep puppies a little longer to watch them grow and eventually get them into our breeding program. Sometimes they do not grow as we hoped (work of the breeder breeder) and we decide to sell them as a young adult or an educated budburst puppy. We then look for a good family for them according to their character.

In this case, they will be sold at the price of a 2-month-old pet puppy plus an extra cost for the work done and the care provided. They will leave sterilized.

For a reformed adult livestock farmer

If we want to select and maintain a family life for our dogs, it is sometimes essential for us to find a loving family for our reformed breeders.

All our dogs live with us, in other words, our adults are perfectly clean, educated and balanced.

The bitches are retired from the age of 6. If we believe that they would be happier alone in a family just for her and if we succeed in letting them go (which is not won either because we love them from the bottom of our hearts), we will seek to place them sterilized in a family that best corresponds to their fundamental character.

We ask for your participation and commitment for the breed concerned:

Price of a retired Belgian shepherd: 400 eur
Price of a retired shetland: 600 eur