Specific Sales Conditions

Being a breeder is a complex job. We have to choose and select our lines, then our breeders, sometimes breeding for nothing because the dog does not grow as we hoped, subject our dogs to a whole battery of tests, then seek the best alliance, follow the gestation, ensure the birth, and find the best families for our babies, then follow you, advise you and accompany you during and after growth. All this with a small living being in which we do not control all the genetics.

All our puppies are leaving first of all with all our TIME and COMPETENCE, our love, patience, professionalism, care and attention


And :

- Identified by chip
- Primary CHPPiL vaccines and other required vaccin shots for your country
- Dewormed 3 to 4 times according to the recommended veterinary protocol
- Protected against ticks and fleas
- Registered in the French Book of Origin (LOF) - FCI pedigree
- Good Health Veterinary Certificate
- Invoice and copy of parents' health tests
- MDR1 advice sheet (for the breeds concerned)
- LIFE follow-up and advice
- 2 kg of their weaning food or 10 to 15% discount on Husse product kits
- Crazy Tugs Toys


For foreigners, the price includes too :

- IATA kennel if required for the flight departure

- Possibility to stay home if you want to come and take the puppy with you

- transfer to airplane ou train station by ourselves

- food, training (leash, walk outside, walk with other dogs, meeting people) and pension during the time before departure

- for non-EU countries (if required) : Rabies vaccin shot + anti-body test if required


We can bring your puppy to an airport for an international flight delivery. Please contact us for more details



1500eur for European countries + USA

2000eur for Non EU countries

SHETLAND SHEEPDOG Sable/White or Tricolore

1800eur for EU countries + USA

2200eur for non EU countries


2000eur for EU countries + USA

2400eur for non EU countries

A 100€ price reduction is automatically calculated for people having already one day bought a puppy in our kennel.