Our Mothers and Hopes

Myyrhyyn de Kertanhyys

Tricolore Shetland

DNA - DoB : 09/24/2016

CEA genetically free (+/+)

MDR1 carrier (+/-)

PRA genetically free (+/+)

CANT : sheep test ok


Father : CH Art Felicity Hennessy

Mother : Fairy Black de L'Ile de la Motte


Myyrhyyn is Maiko's sister. Lively, dynamic, intelligent, she likes to be able to move and gallop.

Octavia des Collines de Sagne

Shetland sable, bi carrier

DNA - DoB 11/22/2018

AOC genetically free (+/+)

MDR1 genetically free (+/+)

APR genetically free  (+/+)

DM genetically free (+/+)

Locus A : ay/a (bicolor carrier)


Father : CH Blue Witch I Love Oslo

Mother : CH Stasyline Lia Lia Fa


Octavia is the team's bulldozer. I'll go first, then I'll think about it. Fear of nothing, chickens, geese, horses, everything must obey this very determined little blonde. Hairless dynamite!

Obstinate I Will Survive de la Lune de Feu dîte Raven

 Shetland sable tricolore carrier

DNA - DoB 11/13/2018

AOC carrier (+/-)

MDR1 genetically free (+/+)

APR genetically free (+/+)

DM genetically free (+/+)


Father : Blue Witch Memphis Tennessee dit Rox

Mother : Give Me The Moon Inna du Cap de la Coste


Raven is elegant, smart, reactiv in kangourou style.

Blue Witch Out Law aka Queen

Shetland blue merle

DNA - DoB 10/30/2018 - 37,5cm

CEA carrier (+/-)

MDR1 genetically free (+/+)

APR genetically free (+/+)

DM genetically free (+/+)

Von Willbrandt III genetically free (+/+)


Father : Blue Witch Neptune

Mother : Lunar Melody Iz Grafskogo Pomestija

Prophecy de Kertanhyys

Shetland pur sable

DNA - DoB 05/15/2019 - 34cm

AOC carrier (+/-)

MDR1 genetically free (+/+)

APR genetically free (+/+)

DM genetically free (+/+)

VW3 genetically free (+/+)

Dermatomyosite de sa mère : aaBb


Father : CH Blue Witch Made In Paris

            (CH Like You Mean It des Collines de Sagne x CH Blue Witch I Love Paris)

Mother : sr Jinx de Kertanhyys

            (CH Louanda Out To Impress x Héra Chrys de Kertanhyys)


Prophecy is our 3rd generation and we are quite proud of this little big heart fire girl