Our Mothers and Hopes

Héra Chrys de Kertanhyys

Sable Shetland

DNA - DoB :  02/18/2012

CEA carrier

MDR1 genetically free

APR genetically free

Cotation 2

Héra is having her last litter before retirement.


Father : Blue Witch VIP

Mother : Cerise


Hera is both softness and vivacity at the same time. His only goal in life is to find a way to please us.

Jinx de Kertanhyys

Sable Shetland

DNA - DoB : 11/23/2014

CEA carrier

MDR1 genetically free

APR genetically free

TAN of the kennel club

Cotation 3


Father : CH Louanda Out To Impress

Mother : Héra Chrys de Kertanhyys


Jinx is a sweet, tender, kind, intelligent bitch who prefers her couch and her mistress to run in the woods. Definitely an indoor dog whose favorite position is on her back, scratching her belly !

Myyrhyyn de Kertanhyys

Tricolore Shetland

DNA - DoB : 09/24/2016

CEA genetically free

MDR1 carrier

PRA genetically free

CANT : sheep test ok


Father : CH Art Felicity Hennessy

Mother : Fairy Black de L'Ile de la Motte


Myyrhyyn is Maiko's sister. Lively, dynamic, intelligent, she likes to be able to move and gallop.

Nouchka des Famonadyns

Tricolore shetland, carrier Bi

      - DoB : 07/30/2017

CEA genetically free

MDR1 ...

PRA ...

Nouchka will allow the kennel to start bicolour production if genetic tests are good


Father : Highlander

Mother : Monoi des Famonadyns


Nouchka is a pretty little dog who prefers her mistress' knees to galloping with her girlfriend Myyrhyyn. However, caring for horses and chickens remains a very tempting occupation for the miss.

Remember Me of Sweet Woodruff aka SkyRim

Sable Shetland

DNA - DoB : 07/06/2018

CEA free or carrier

MDR1 free

PRA free or carrier


Father : Lucky Strike de la Vallée des Noyères

Mother : Miss Marple de la Vallée des Noyères

SkyRim for intimates is lively, adorable, willful and has a lot of character. Our hope in the lineage of Jinx since Jinx's father is SkyRim's grandfather