Health & Behaviour

Belgium sheepdog is an amazing breed, strong and reactive, full of energy, smart as possible. Nevertheless, they have their own specificities that need to be known before adoption.

Aryan and Never : action !
Aryan and Never : action !

Health side

Officially, the kennel club asks us to do hips X-rays as part of the dysplasia screening.

When you ask about a puppy, ask to have a copy of the result of the official reading of both parents' X-rays because not all breeders do.

As an option, some also do elbow radios, but this is not mandatory.

Unofficially, in the breed, they try to monitor the appearance of epilepsy, but we have no reliable database. A genetic test seems to be under study, if it comes into being it will help us a lot.

All our breeding stock is radiographed for the hips.

Now, the SCC and kennel clubs are asking us to do the genetic identification of our breeders in order to guarantee offspring. This is only mandatory from quotation 2.

All our breeders are identified by their DNA registered with the SCC.

Character side, profile of the ideal master

We can't hide it, the Belgian shepherd, it's lively money. Smart, he observes you and understands everything in a quarter turn.

It is not for nothing that it is the ferrari of dog sports and use. The groenendael, however, hates repetition and you have to know how to vary the exercises to keep your attention.

Fortunately, the Belgian shepherd also likes his comfort, his couch, the quiet walks with his master but he will need to exercise regularly.

 The ideal master of the Belgian shepherd is usually a person who either wants to go out every day for a good walk with his dog, or is already doing so and is looking for a companion.

Quite often, it ends up in the dog club doing agility, obedience, tracking or biting, or even herding because you love your dog, you want to please him.

The Belgian shepherd, even if he is a perfect companion for children and a wonderful family dog, very often attaches himself more particularly to a person in the group and he will then be HIS human. This will not prevent him from listening and obeying others, but with this one he will have a stronger relationship.

Club Français du Chien de Berger Belge

to learn more about the standard and life of the breed in France

Click on the logo to access their website
Click on the logo to access their website