Our Litters and Puppies for Sale

Tervueren puppies are born

Birth : 8 may 2020

No More puppy available

All our puppies will soon go home in their families, waiting for them with an extremly high imptience.

We do the same mating next year again. For more information, contact-me as follow.

Groenendael Puppies

Mating 05/19/2020

Birth : middle of july 2020

Available : middle of septembre 2020

2 stallions both HIPS-A, DM genetically free, SCAD 1 & 2 genetically free

1 litter

All puppies identified with DNA for the right parentage

2 different pedigres, following your goal



You can always book on our next litters

Groenendael Puppies

Mating around november 2020

Birth : around january 2021

Available : around march 2021