Our Litters and Puppies for Sale


For 2022, we decided to look for outdoor studs combining beauty and character.

In groenendael, we have chosen Merlin BleizDu des Gardiens de l'Hermine and ss Izen-Bel de la Closerie de Yenda who are safe, hardy dogs of reliable old origins, combining beauty and working skills (tracking, agility, obedience essentially) and perfectly complementary to our bitches.

In tervueren, we chose sr CH Jorn des Légendes Lorraines, a sandy stallion who works in tracking and IGP, which will allow us to bring back an original blood stream, foreign for half, and for the other part, we return to the origins that we like very much on our Narhia de la Closerie de Yenda, in particular the Pistes Noires, for reliable dogs in good health, balanced, strong, rustic, as much for beauty as for work. We used Iothis Taianne des Pistes Noires in 2005 ... well a daughter of this alliance is still in shape in 2022.


*** RESERVATIONS IN PROGRESS for all lovers of the good and beautiful Belgian Longhaired Shepherd ***

Groenendael puppies

Mating : 13rd april 2022

DoB : middle june 2022

Available :middle august 2022


Sable Tervueren puppies

Mating : around july 2022

DoB : september 2022

Available : novembre 2022

Because the two previous litters were successful, people asked me again for some puppies of this mating.


One in England is alread y at 10 months old 3x qualified for Cruft's.

An other one was best young tervueren in CACIB Toulouse 2022.


Reservations are opened

Groenendael puppies for end 2022 - early 2023

Saillie :

Naissance :

Chiots disponibles vers

Our beautiful fire girl n°2 : Shadowland de Kertanhyys, will take over the breeding of her wonderful mother ss Neverending Story of Love de Kertanhyys.

Shadow will be mated to CH Orion Mal'Doran de Kertanhyys in a long awaited and well thought out alliance. This alliance is part of our long term breeding plan.
Shadow brings beauty origins "that work" with Domaine d'Eole, Iamara, D'Artamas, Parc de Pathyvel ... while her beauty side through her grandmother sr MCH Loola de Condivicnum will bemade still stronger by Orion.

We hope a lot from this alliance and the puppies will be followed closely, one male will be brought to breed later on at the kennel for a future alliance also foreseen in our breeding plan.