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*** RESERVATIONS IN PROGRESS for all lovers of the good and beautiful Belgian Longhaired Shepherd ***

Chiots tervueren fauves porteurs de sable

Mating : december 2023

DoB : 11 february 2024

Departure : 13 april 2024

Chiots tervueren fauves

Mating : 23 march 2024

DoB : 23 may 2024

Available : 20 july 2024

6 boys and 3 girls are born

grey to red ... More precision to come

2 boys and 1 girl still available

As I very rarely use a stallion that interests me only once, Tyfenn de la Tangi Morgane, known as Toky, with his original pedigree and solid, loving character, will offer us his first litter with the handsome and good CHTrPi Lewis du Relais de la Diligence.

Toky's Malines origins should give an interesting twist to this alliance of temperament and character, resulting in well-balanced, strong-willed puppies.

Priority will be given to users.

Groenendael puppies

Mating : around may/june 2024

DoB : around july/august 2024

Available : september/october 2024

Scope renewal. The 2023 alliance was a great success, so we're renewing the same alliance. Puppies with a good head who quickly showed a lot of intelligence and learning ability.

Groenendael puppies

Mating : 2nd semester 2024

DoB : 2nd semester 2024

Available : beginning 2025

Groenendael puppies

Mating : 1st semester 2025

DoB : 1st semester 2025

Available : 1st semester 2025